Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you decide to have your house repainted, you may go through carpet problems. You really have to be careful when it comes to painting your house. However, no matter how careful you are, there will still be some little paint drippings can be left in your carpets. You just have to act fast so that the stain will not become permanent.

Paint drippings are quite easy to fix. As soon as you see small paint drippings on your carpet, take a dry rag, one that is at its more absorbent capacity and dab the stain gently until it comes up. Do not rub or otherwise treat the drops roughly as it will force the paint into the carpet.

If you have spilled a bucket of paint on your carpeted floors, that is a serious matter. In this case, you will probably need a wet/dry vacuum. The most important thing is that the carpet cannot be allowed to dry. There is no one way to do this. You might try wetting a towel down and replacing it over the spill while you find the vacuum. This process can be repeated. Wet the spot with a towel; apply the vacuum, until the area has been cleaned.

You have to remember that there are different types of paint. Some paints are easier to clean than others. Of all the kinds of paints, water based paints are the easiest to clean. Even if they are allowed to dry for a few days, a good dose of hot water can do the trick.

Always remember to practice caution when dealing with paints especially in carpeted areas. Spilled paints take more time to clean. If you are not confident enough to repaint without any drippings, you can remove your carpet first and scatter old newspapers for your paint drippings.

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