A lot of people are interested in carpet cleaning business nowadays. You can be, too. Why? Carpet cleaning can be a lucrative business and might just give you the opportunity to earn more. Most residential homes and commercial buildings have some type of carpet, matting or rug. You can have a lot of potential customers in this industry. These structures need regular carpet cleaning. Carpets also require maintenance to keep them clean, prolong their life and help with IAQ (indoor air quality). If carpets are not regularly cleaned, they can cause respiratory infections which can compromise the health and work of people.

If you are engaging in a carpet cleaning business, aside from the proper knowledge that you should have in carpet cleaning, you should also be equipped with the proper carpet cleaning supplies for the job.

What are the cleaning supplies you need?

Basically, you need to have the following for your carpet cleaning business.

  • Inspection list

You don’t need to buy expensive items for this. A simple notebook can help you list down the important things in this job. A thorough walk-through inspection will help identify areas of carpet construction, soiling conditions, existing damage and potential permanent stains.

  • Vacuum

This tool is one of the most important cleaning supplies that you will need. You need to choose a powerful, commercial-grade vacuum to thoroughly clean dirt, dust and loose soil hidden in carpets.

  • Pre-spray

This step is necessary in the cleaning process. Pre-treating the carpet will help break down and loosen soil particles prior to cleaning.

  • Pre-spot

A spot can usually be removed with the right spotting product. Grease remover, rust remover, juice remover, wine remover, coffee or tea remover, pet odour remover are some of the necessary spotting products that you need to have in your list.

  • Proper equipment

There are different kinds of carpet cleaning equipment. Some of these are shampoo, extraction, encapsulating and dry cleaning. One method may not be appropriate to all situations. Grease and oils may require heat extraction, while office cleaning could benefit from encapsulation. You need to choose the proper equipment to match your client’s needs.

  • Air mover

A high CFM air mover will help to dry wet or damp carpet. This is especially important in humid situations or if time is limited.

  • Carpet blocks and tabs

Furniture legs will be protected from moisture with foam blocks, plastic or foil tabs.

  • Defoamer

Depending on the equipment type, defoamer will reduce foam in the recovery tank which will protect the vacuum motor from future failure.

  • Fabric protector

A fabric protector repels liquids and block stains. Apply after the carpet is cleaned to help push future spills away from fabric fibres so stains will be released easily.

A carpet cleaning business is a good way to earn especially when done properly. Never compromise the quality of your service. Invest in the right equipment and the right people. Along with this, improve your customer relations so you can build good relationships with them.

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