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For over 25 years, we have provided the Modesto area with unsurpassed customer satisfaction in the carpet cleaning industry. If you have stained, musty old carpets that need some love, give us a call!

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Welcome to The Best Modesto Carpet Cleaning Business in Modesto, CA. Everyone loves a newly cleaned carpet. Regardless of the color or design of your carpeting, we will take good care of your carpet cleaning needs. Your carpeting will be treated with nontoxic cleaning agents that can leave your house smelling wonderful and your carpeting looking astonishing! All of our cleaners and solutions are not dangerous for pets, your kids or the world.

We specialize in the following services:

● Carpet Cleaning

● Upholstery Cleaning

● Steam Cleaner

● Burn Marks

● Carpet Repair

● Water Damaged Carpet / Flooded Carpet

● Carpet Shampooer

● Pet Urine Removal & Cleaning

● Rug Cleaning

● Sofa Cleaning

● Carpet Stain Removal

● Furniture Cleaning

● Dry Carpet Cleaning

● Couch Cleaning

● Discolored Carpet Repair

We use truck-mounted, high temperature, steam cleaning gear as advocated by all leading carpet manufacturers. If you are seeking experience and quality service give us a call now!

We are proud to say we only use technicians which are certified and deliver the highest quality service. It is possible for you to get the finest cleaning in town and to have the best service encounter.

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There are lots of carpet cleaning businesses out there. What separates the best from the remainder are the added touches and the attention to details. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to be sure to are customers are fully satisfied with the service we provide. Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are happy with the services that we provide. If we aren’t giving you 100% of our best, you shouldn’t be receiving our services.

Modesto Carpet Cleaning

The carpeting in business or your home is a huge investment. We understand that, so we spot test a little bit before going forward. Starting with an inconspicuous area of your carpeting before using our process on the entire carpet. If there are any issues, we can advocate another of our cleaning procedures that are successful. We will scrutinize your flooring to ascertain cleaning results that are anticipated.

Modesto Carpet Cleaners

You carpets are, by nature, high-traffic places. Your investment can be shielded by using carpeting protectant in the cleaning of your carpets. This helps keep your carpeting fresher for longer periods of time.

Carpet Cleaning for Modesto Residents

For companies, families, and the surrounding areas of Stanislaus County, Modesto Carpet Cleaning continues to be a growing force in the carpet cleaning business for over 25 years. From a modest, one-man, one-truck business in the beginning to a thriving company with many employees based right here in Modesto, California. We decided that we wanted our company to deliver attention to our customers while giving the best quality service in California. We have stayed a family owned business that stays enthusiastic about bringing in the trust of each and every one of our customers.

Carpeting Repair or Damaged Carpets

Dogs, hamsters, cats, and all types of pets can damage your carpets. Where our furry friends are truly a part of the household, they can be still creatures that tear up your property! Clawing and chewing up your carpeting can normal for these ‘family members’. They are able to create bare spots, wrinkles, open seams and other damage from their playtimes or just curiosity. We have seen it all and we have technique to repair it, regardless of the issue.

Modesto Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Quite a few customers have security risk seams inside their carpeting. It does not matter if the seam lifted or is frayed, the technologies can tactics we use can repair it. We have an enormous toolbox of the finest carpet cleaning and repair tools while also having honed many techniques to fix these common issues.

Carpet Stain Removal

Iron burns, cigarette burns, hearth candles and ember burns happen all of the time. Maybe you forgot to blow out a candle or just weren’t paying attention to a lit cigarette. No reason to freak out because we can fix it. You don’t always have to replace your burnt carpet. Replacing your carpeting costs thousands of dollars these days and who afford that?

Call us today and let us help you.

Modesto Carpet Discoloration

Discolored carpet areas or just areas of different colors than normal are seen in high traffic areas and around places of eating. You understand what these are particularly if you have got children. Marks and spots, which you might have believed were unfixable, still, have a chance at survival with our tools and state of the art carpeting techniques. Common suspects are tenacious food stains, dye spots, crayons, pet pee, kids’ beverages, chewing gum and other things like paint. Nothing spoils your evening quicker than when you see this on your carpeting. You should not stress, we can repair your carpet and have it seem brand new.

Carpet Problems

The two most common reasons for these ripples, which are unsightly, are high heat and inferior setup when installing the carpet. Leaving the internal temperature of your house above 85 degrees will cause ripples. Ripples pose a few risks to your carpet so you will want to get these fixed as soon as you can. Our carpet cleaning experts can re-stretch that carpet back to the way it should be. Call us first if you need those ripples flattened.

Bleach Spots

Bleach spots are not so unusual as we see them almost daily. It’s extremely difficult to get a bleach spot out of your carpet once it has already hit. Unless you are an expert or have the right tools, you will have the best results by calling us. These can be repaired by us!

Water Damage

Want CRISIS water cleanup for your carpets? Did your business or home end up with flooded carpets? Floods and broken pipes sometimes happen, usually during the wee hours of the morning, causing soaked carpets. Without having them cleaned properly, you will develop mildew and other molds and fungi. Because of these unpredictable happenings, we offer 24-hour emergency carpet service. We can have a team on your way within half an hour for prompt service to prevent additional damage! Do you have electrical damage from water? Visit Koehn Electric. Pick up the telephone and call TODAY!

Soaked Carpets? Did your house or business flood?

Your first instinct may be to evaluate the damage and walk around – do not do that! You must turn off electricity for security. You must turn off electricity for security. Move to the main panel or the electricity meter, and gas valve. Should you be standing in water or the panel is inside your house that is flooded, do not touch the electric panel!

Every year, one from every five houses has water damage of a significant level. The most common way to obtain water loss is a failure within the construction itself; for example an appliance or plumbing malfunction. Once a loss occurs, time is of the essence! Water can run wild; ruining carpeting, cabinetry, trim, furniture, electronic equipment, and anything else it touches. A disastrous loss can turn into a small annoyance with the right prevention!

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We specialize in Pet Urine Smell Removal or Pet Pee Removal from furniture and carpets in Modesto CA. In many instances, our standard cleaning procedure is all that is needed to correct minor pet issues. The strong actions of our cleaning system can essentially remove urine from your carpets, upholstery, or furniture.

Modesto Pet Carpet Stains

The issue with pet smell and urine smell is that it can be a lot shallower than it first appears. In more serious instances the urine can permeate into the subfloor beneath the padding. This creates a difficulty that’s multi-layered and, obviously, creates cause for stronger actions.

The pee additionally provides for the development of bacteria. This can bring about an irreversible color reduction of the carpet fiber and leads to some worsening of the odor problem. We have methods to fix, repair, and even replace these areas.

Pee Removal & Treatment of Carpets

To remove these trouble areas, the urine is neutralized and must be removed from each of the layers affected. If the pollution is restricted to just the face yarn of the carpeting then the cleaning the smell may be essentially removed by itself. In more serious instances, a pee neutralizer may be used.

Replacement of the carpet padding may be needed in the most serious instances. In other cases, treatment of the underside of the carpeting and the subfloor may be needed. Even replacing the carpeting cannot ensure complete removal of the smell. There are many variables about the type of urine, the duration in the material, the type of fabric/carpeting/upholstery, and the type layers involved. The best bet is to bring in a professional and have us assess the situation.

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